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We are a young team of IT experts that decided to bring our own take on technology services to the market. We position ourselves as our clients’ IT general practitioners, in that we look at the big picture and guide them through all their technology challenges, and outsource any specialization we require to our trusted partners. If we can’t provide a high-quality solution to a given problem, we’ll find someone who can.

We make sure to keep a global approach to the solutions we bring, because we intend to make systems simpler for our users, provide time-saving opportunities for our partners, and always help keeping our clients’ businesses running.

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Our Vision

Technology is rapidly changing, and the way in which humans and machines will keep evolving at a blinding speed. We are seeking to remain up to speed on all technology developments and incorporate them in our solutions so that we can always offer the safest and most effective applications available.

We also project to develop new systems that will give our customers the edge on the exponentially growing competitive market. We reject traditional three-tiered support model and structure our support using swarming.

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Our Values

Trust is at the heart of everything we do, and we firmly stand by the recognition that it is our most important value. Through full transparency and benevolence towards our clients, we value and cultivate our relationships with our users.

Optimization is a constant effort we are adamant in producing, going the extra mile to bring the complete, tailored and integrated solution to our clients. We believe IT should work for the user, and not the other way around.

Innovation is critical in our ever-evolving world, and we accept our duty to explore off the beaten path, to remain aware of all new developments in technology and their applications, always striving for improvement.

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Our Plan

The All-in-one Solution

We are putting together a chain of integrated solution with the aim of providing our clients with the complete package. We are constantly striving for improvement and we are never tied to a system. We only promote the best solutions available to us.

We push our members to maintain an attitude of hunger for better apps and systems, encourage open-mindedness, and inspirit the exchange of ideas between colleagues.

Acquiring and retaining clients in different fields will also allow us to garner unique experience as well as the ability to bring a fresh perspective to our clients challenges.

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Our Team

Sébastien Boeyen


Aurélien Boeyen


Jérémie Van der Snickt

Executive assistant

Nicolas Franquet

Project manager

Giulia Stouffs

Administrative assistant

George Palmer-Smith